Export Pallets

For those who run an international business we also specialise in manufacturing export pallets. All our export products are stamped and comply with export industry standards.

Pallet Repairs

Cambria Pallets is fully equipped for all pallet repairs. We will take your broken pallet and repair it to the highest quality.
The benefits of using CPTD for Pallet Repairs :

CPTD is fully equipped for all pallet repairs and our processes have been tried and tested for the pallet repair industry. CPTD that will take your broken pallet through the repair stations, respray stations and safely stack them once they have been brought back to life. Safety is guaranteed with all machinery parts having the correct guards in place.

Contact Cambria Pallets for all pallet repairs on +613 9706 6022 for more information

Second Hand Pallets

We stock second hand standard pallets for purchase at a low price.

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