We manufacture custom timber pallets and crates/boxes in all shapes and sizes to suit all your needs.  We are dedicated to providing quality goods delivered to you at a short timeframe.


Call us for fast service and quality products in all sized pallets and boxes.

Custom Pallets & Boxes

CPTD - Custom Pallets & Boxes:

Cambria Pallets specialise in providing timber pallets made to any shape and or size. We are able to fulfill high volume orders with delivering and supplying in a very short timeframe. All products and work are taken with pride during the process of manufacturing and completing the delivery of orders to clients.

Please review the list of products below, for any queries and or questions relating to the products we offer please do not hesitate in contacting us at Cambria Pallets.


We specialise in the manufacturing of custom sized pallets, we can work with you to fulfill your requirements and also complete the custome orders in short turn around time. For a customer pallet quote please use the information on the contact us page and submit all your requirements and someone from the management team at Cambria Pallets will contact you accordingly.


We also specialise in Pallets and Boxes and we’ve been getting it right for the last 15 years. For fast service and quality products in all standard sized pallets & boxes call us. Provide all the requirements and let us work through your needs and identify the product that is right for you.


Our pallets and boxes are manufactured in our warehouse and made from the highest quality timber. As such we are always stocked with a large quantity of timber for direct sales. Some list of supplies include.


  • 900 x 42 x 19
  • 1200 x 42 x 19
  • 1500 x 75 x 50
  • 900 x 75 x 50
  • 1200 x 75 x 50
  • 1500 x 75 x 75
  • 900 x 75 x 75
  • 1200 x 75 x 75
** We can supply and deliver to any quantity.

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